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New BikeRiderDX


Among the ultra-popular series "BikeRider", which records a series total 27 million downloads,Delivery that has been DX, DX2, definitive edition !! that incorporates the DX3Never seen Chari, colorful gimmick and rich items is set in the "new bike run", it became even more fun!Please enjoy the popular action game "BikeRider" that is played all over the world!How to play the jump over obstacles by tapping the very simple screen only !!Field and over the mountains beyond, and will came in from the around the world in a bicycle !!
Bike and run classic endless mode !!Not only their own record, and trying to compete with Friends led by SNS!
"Spider silk" new item can be resurrected on the spot you make a mistake only once!  Even use the challenge to the difficult course good, even to good use when extending their records,Let timing!

Defeat Investments is transformed into Rider GAIMU!And try to avoid the trap of runny nose and fart in tricycle Become a Crayon Shin-chan!Not only Rider and Crayon Shin-chan, is planning a luxurious collaboration in the future!?
 Grand Prix Youtube beatbox HIKAKIN of ultra topic has been produced alsoAdd it is easy to play!
The New BikeRiderDX is, since I use a lot of memory of the terminalOperation is heavy, and application of the Ya during startup to another in the case of such does not startYou have to start again from it only to end possible widgetPlease Fun!